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Phantom Training/Skill Build Guide

One of the five Legendary Heroes, the Phantom is known as the Master Thief. He is categorized as such by being a very swift character with high avoidance and high damage output. What sets him apart from other classes are his unique weapons: the Cane and the Deck of Cards.

So if you’re looking for a fun and versatile hero to play, this is the one – whether you’re into supporting, defending, attacking and much more.

Above all, the defining factor of the Phantom is his ability to “steal” or borrow other adventurers skills for his own use.


2014-8-10 | Fixed some errors and updated the guide a bit.
2012-7-10 | Added stat-build, improved hunting areas and some fixes.
2012-7-06 |
Updated with English Skill names
2012-7-04 | Added Skill Build

Phantom Skill Build

First Job Advancement

  • Start by adding 1 point into Double Entendre then maxing out Phantom Swiftness.
  • Max out Feather Foot.
  • Max out Double Entendre and finally Impeccable Memory I.

Suggested Skills to Steal:
Iron Body
Magic Guard
Arrow Blow
Magic Claw
Lucky Seven
Savage Blow

Summary: Mobility and evasion are focused on first so avoid damage during the early game. Your first Memory skill will allow you to steal low level skills from the original adventurers, so choose one that either fits your play-style or gives you a decent buff to help with training speed.

All first level skills will me maxed, so it’s impossible to mess up early game excluding your desired AP build.

Second Job Advancement

  • Start by adding 1 point into Calling Card.
  • Continue with 1 point into Cart Mille and then maxing out Cane Mastery.
  • Max out Impeccable Memory II.
  • Max out Calling Card > Carte Blanc > Devil’s Luck > Cane Booster and finally Carte Mille.

Suggested Skills to Steal:
Hyper Body
Power Guard
Mental Clarity
Tornado Upper
Iron Arrow
Shuriken Burst
Thunder Bolt

Summary: Calling Card acts as a new attack skill to use in conjunction with Double Entendre. Cane Mastery is critical in giving your damage range stability, increasing your minimum damage to help take out the monsters you’ll face.

Your second Memory Skill will allow you to steal yet another skill from your fellow adventurers, so choose wisely. Devil’s Luck is just the Phantom version of intense training, giving your minimum LUK stat a boost of +40 at max level, but unlike other Intense Training skills: it does not add a secondary stat. You’ll have everything maxed with two SP left over.

Third Job Advancement

  • Start by adding 1 point into Rapier Wit.
  • Continue with 1 point into Mist Mask, Blason Fantome and Piercing Vision.
  • Max out Impeccable Memory III > Clair de Lune.
  • Get Blason Fantome to level 11.
  • Max out Piercing Vision > Mist Mask > Bad Luck Ward > Final Feint and finally Rapier Wit.

Suggested Skills to Steal:
Holy Symbol
Combo Attack
Combat Orders
Willow Defense
Magic Crash
Arrow Rain
Drain Arrow
Shining Ray
Double Spiral

Summary: This job advancement starts moving in more active buffs than before. These buffs will increase your HP, MP, Attack, Status Resistance and Critical Rate. These buffs along with your new attacks will give you the tools to start moving up and into the fourth job advancement. Max all but Blason Fantome; leave that at 11.

Fourth Job Advancement

Skill List
Skillnames within (brackets) are MapleSEA translations

Icon Name Description Level
Mille Aiguilles Fly into a stabbing frenzy‚ jabbing your enemies with blinding speed. This attack can be executed repeatedly and you can move while attacking. 30
Penombre Leaps back and throws a powerful card attack. Link with Rapier Wit to reduce post-attack downtime. Permanently increases Rapier Wit's damage.. 20
Carte Noir Each critical attack has a chance to produce a card that attacks nearby enemy automatically. This card is added to your deck. Also permanently increases Avoidability chance. 20
Cane Expert Increases Cane Mastery‚ Weapon Attack‚ and Minimum Critical Damage. Required Skill: Cane Mastery Lv. 20 30
Aria Armour (Priere D'Aria) Powerful memories of Aria significantly increase Attack and allow you to ignore some enemy DEF. 30
Tempest Creates an expanding tornado of cards to blast through enemies. 30
Pouvoir Emprunte (Vol D'Ame) Steals buffs from nearby monsters. If you steal more than one buff‚ the most powerful will be applied. This skill only works of monsters have been buffed. 20
Impeccable Memory IV Lets you use 4th job skills stolen from Explorers. Passive effects from skills will not work. Equip stolen skills using Loadout. 30
Maple Warrior Increases the stats of all party members. 30
Hero's Will By focusing your mind‚ you can ignore some abnormal status effects. However‚ this will not work on all abnormal status effects. 5

Skill Build

  • Start by adding 1 point into Mille Aigulles, Penombre and Impeccable Memory IV. You will get +1 Carte Noir (Automatic Upon Advancement)
  • Continue with 1 point into Pouvoir Emprunte, Tempest then maxing out Aria Armour.
  • Max out Cane ExpertImpeccable Memory IVPenombre Carte NoirMille Aiguilles > Maple WarriorPouvoir EmprunteHero’s Will and finally Tempest.

Suggested Skills to Steal:
Sharp Eyes
Pirate Style
Continual Aiming
Power Stance
Rapid Fire
Dragon Strike
Chain Lightning

Summary: Congratulations. You’re now the Master Thief. This part of the build can be interchangeable to fit your own play styles. Enjoy your newly found power as The Phantom.

Phantom Quest Guide

Second Job Advancement
Once you hit level 30 you’ll have a icon floating above your head indicating that you need to go-to the hidden portal (top-right part) in Orbis Park II and destroy a lock. Once you’ve destroyed the lock, enter the room and click on the portrait for the advancement.

Third Job Advancement
Once you hit level 70 (60 after the Tempest update) accept the quest given to you indicating  that you need to go-to the hidden portal in Tent of the Entertainers and defeat all of the Dust Dwarfs before entering the room. Once that is complete, enter the room and click on the treasure chest for the advancement.

Fourth Job Advancement
Once you hit level 120 (100 after the Tempest update) accept the quest given to you indicating that you need to go-to the hidden portal in Peach Monkey Forest and defeat Guardioso. Once that is complete, click on the painting of Aria for the advancement.

Phantom Training Guide

Phantom Quest-Chain (The Council)

Levels 10-30

Follow through the quest-chain until level 18 then head for Mixed Golems at Henesys ..

Levels 30-50

Levels 50-80

Levels 80-120

Show more leveling areas (..)


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  1. Nathan says:

    Up should fix cane booster to 20 not 30 :)

  2. Tammie says:

    hmm if your bored of jesters at 60-70 u can do pyramid till u max 😀 that will u get you a bit of a lvling boost =]

  3. Joe says:

    Could you maybe add which characters has what skills so u know who to go to to steal those skills?

  4. Jayy says:

    Lv 50-80 is kind of bad advice
    Ludi pq is litterally a gold mine for theses levels, giving you 50% per 5-10 min run, IMO much faster than jesters, and after you reach the limit you should head over to pyramid pq

    • Axel Hansson says:

      Jesters for me (depending on the class I played) was perfect from level 50 to 75 until going to Mysterious Path 3 at around 75-80. But I’ll start adding PQs to the list soon.

  5. noodlesoup says:

    Never make new chars that arent dexless , always go full main stat
    The secondairy stat requirement will be removed later on, even on empress equips. just go full main stat

    • Axel Hansson says:

      Ah (looking at KMS patch notes). For now secondary stat has been removed from Empress equipment, whether this is final and/if they’re preparing for the major Tempest update we’ll see.

      Removing secondary stat in general kind of defeats the purpose of having stats in the first place.

      • noodlesoup says:

        idd i agree, it kills the purpose of having stats :p
        i think it will be final, dont really see why they would remove it to add it back again :p

  6. TEPtastical says:

    Well it wouldn’t hurt to add a couple of points into the secondary here and there, but for the most part, one should look
    for equipment to add the extra dex needed to equip higher weapons. With all the events they’re throwing, it shouldn’t be difficult.

  7. ItsYourBoyEJP says:

    You should like.. Add a guide for stats. Because I just got back on MS since 2011 and I totally forgot how to buildon Low DEX.

  8. ImTheJungler says:

    There is nothing called Lune I think it’s now Final Feint :)

    • Axel Hansson says:

      (Unless I’m mistaken here!) Final Feint and Lune are two different skills:
      Lune: Enjoys the cool evening moonlight to increase Attack and Accuracy.
      Final Feint: Using this skill will increase your preparedness for all enemy attacks, reviving you instantly with some HP if you reach KO status. This skill increases also increases LUK permanently.

      But seeing as a lot of my guides are built during their release in Korea a lot of skills gets renamed differently so I’ll log-in to Phantom to check.

      edit: It’s been renamed from Lune > Clair de Lune.

  9. ImmaHuman says:

    Thanks alot ! 😀

  10. xNeonStarZ says:

    Helped a lot thx ! Level 35-50 can spam at Mushroom Kingdom King Pepe gives great exp!

  11. ofcourse says:

    3rd job should also steal combat orders

  12. Roselyn says:

    But in maplesea, Pouvoir Emprunte doesn’t exist @@ The name is different and stuffs and I don’t know which skill it is. Can you rename the skill to the one in maplesea?

    • Axel Hansson says:

      I won’t rename the skill list for MapleSEA seeing as the guide is built for Global MapleStory but I’m going to re-do the skill list shortly.

      The particular sill you’re looking for is called Vol D’Ame.

      Edit: Done! Added a skill list for 4th job advancement.

  13. Lov3ly says:

    hmm, should fix 4th job skills’ level.. Aria Armour (Priere D’Aria) has only 10 levels..

  14. iPhantom5 says:

    Lov3ly > there are things called mastery books!

  15. Anomynous says:

    Can we steal attacking skills instead of supportive skills?

  16. Tokki says:

    Could you put in which skills can we steal from which Job? I can’t find some of the skills

  17. noodle says:

    hello, for some reason when I am defeating guardioso its life increases to full again after about half was reduced.
    I am now level 109 but I still cant kill it, it’s getting troublesome for me as my attack is becoming slightly useless when other level 90+s attack done more damage than mine.

  18. FalconPhanto says:

    can you make a vidoe on youtube about the phantom level 1 until level 250

  19. xxxxxx says:

    Get savage blow for 1st job..

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