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MapleStory Luminous Guide

Luminous is part of the new Tempest Update and is one of the five heroes who sealed away the Black Mage. To prevent the Black Mage from breaking free he drained parts of his dark magic and thus was not sealed in ice as the other legendary heroes but sent back to Ellinia where he has learned to control both light and dark.


2012-12-05 | Skill translations complete.

2012-11-05 | 
Guide added as a preparation for the upcoming Tempest update! :-)

Light and Dark

Luminous uses an orb system whereas your spells will do more/less damage depending on which orb is activated.

“Luminous uses a dark/light skill system! Let’s start from the top left, which is the Sunfire state. Luminous gets increased damage on his Light skills and heals some HP each time he uses one. As you continue using Light skills, you’ll reach the Equilibrium state, where you can use all of your Equilibrium skills without cooldown and without using MP, along with 100% increased damage. Afterwards you’ll hit the Eclipse state, where your Dark skills will become more powerful, with 50% increased damage and no MP used.

This means in order to do the most damage, you must keep switching between using light skills and dark skills, and you can’t spam one attack!”

Luminous Skill Build

First Job Advancement

When you start off your character you get the choice between Light and Darkness which will affect your storyline (partially) as well as your first job-level skills.

Skill List (skill-translation courtesy of Orange Mushroom)

Flash Shower[Light Skill] Arrows of light are quickly fired and penetrate up to 5 enemies for 280% damage. (max level: 10)
Light SpeedMove a certain distance using light; then conceal yourself: choose the direction using your arrow keys. Passively increase your speed by 20 and jump by 10. (max level: 10)
Standard Magic Guard: 85% of the damage you take will be taken out of your MP and increase your defense and magic defense by 150. (max level: 10)
Mana Well: For 180 seconds – increase your maximum MP by 30%. (max level: 20)
Abyssal Drop: [Dark Magic] Attack up to 6 enemies in front of you for 107% damage using dark magic. (max level: 10)
Dark Affinity: Your damage is increased by 5% when using dark magic. (max level: 5)
Light AffinityYour damage is increased by 5% when using light magic. (max level: 5)

Skill Build (Light)

  1. Max out Flash Shower as this will be your main skill attacking skill.
  2. Max out Light Speed for extra mobility.
  3. Max out Light Affinity for increased damage.
  4. Max out Magic Guard and Mana Well, although great skills they’re useless in the beginning.

Skill Build (Dark)

  1. Max out Abyssal Drop as this will be your main skill attacking skill.
  2. Max out Light Speed for extra mobility.
  3. Max out Dark Affinity for increased damage.
  4. Max out Magic Guard and Mana Well, although great skills they’re useless in the beginning.

Summary: Everything is maxed.

Second Job Advancement

Skill List

Sylvan Lance: [Light Skill] A spear of light is summoned and does 115% damage 4 times to 6 enemies. (max level: 10)
Inviolability:  [Light Skill] A pillar of light is summoned and pushes enemies to the side while stunning them. (max level: 10)
Pressure Void:  [Dark Skill] The power of darkness is condensed and attacks 8 enemies for 168% damage as long as the skill key is held down. While holding down the skill key you can move the orb left and right. (max level:  20)
Black BlessingWhen you have not been attacked for 5 seconds it summon a dark orb (up to 3). When you take damage – an orb will absorb 70% of the damage and disappear. For each orb summoned your magic attack will be increased. (1 orb – 50% of 30 magic attack; 2 orbs – 80% of 30 magic attack; 3 orbs – 100% of 30 magic attack) (max level: 20)
Magic BoosterFor 180 seconds: the speed of your magic attacks is increased by 2 stages. (max level: 10)
Spell Mastery: Increase your magic mastery by 50% and your magic attack by 10. (max level: 10)
High Wisdom: Permanently increase your INT by 40. (max level: 5)

Skill Build

  1. Start with adding one skillpoint to Sylvan Lance (your main attacking skill), Black Blessing (shield + damage increase) and one into Spell Mastery.
  2. Continue with maxing out High Wisdom and Spell Mastery.
  3. Max out Magic Booster to increase your attack-speed heavily.
  4. Max out Sylvan LanceBlack Blessing and Pressure Void together to keep a stable balance between Light and Dark.

Summary: Everything is maxed except Inviolability which is left at (5).
The main key here is keeping your Light and Dark spells balanced to increase your damage output. (I.e. if your orb is (dark) your dark spells will do more damage)

Third Job Advancement

Skill List 

Spectral Light: [Light Skill] Arrows of light are quickly shot at up to 8 enemies: dealing 121% damage 4 times as long as the skill key is held down. You can change the direction the arrows fire by pressing the left and right keys while holding down the skill key. (Note: this skill can even shoot diagonally!) (max level: 20)
Ray of Redemption[Light Skill] The power of lights heal allies for 800% of their HP while attacking up to 6 enemies for 180% damage. (max level: 20)
Moonlight Spear[Dark Skill] Chains of darkness will pierce up to 6 enemies: dealing 361% damage 2 times. (max level: 20)
Death Scythe[Equilibrium] Gods of death are summoned to your left and right; then rush together to attack up to 10 enemies: dealing 230% damage 6 times. There is a cooldown of 24 seconds. (max level: 20)
Shadow ShellYou will be protected from three statuses. The cooldown of 300 seconds will begin once these three skills are used. Passively increase your elemental and status resistance by 40%. (max level: 10)
Dusk Guard:  For 180 seconds: increase your weapon and magic defense by 300 and your chance to ignore damage taken by 20%. (max level: 10)
Photic Meditation: For 180 seconds; increase the magic attack of you and your party members by 40. (max level: 20)
Lunar TideIf your HP is higher than your MP: increase your damage by 20%. If your HP is lower than your MP: increase your critical chance by 30%. (max level: 20)

Skill Build

  1. Start with adding one skillpoint to Spectral Light, Moonlight Spear and Death Scythe.
  2. Max out Spectral Light, Moonlight Spear and Lunar Tide together to keep a stable balance between Light and Dark.
  3. Max out Photic Meditation, Shadow Shell and Dusk Guard together.
  4. Max out Death Scythe.
  5. Put the remaining skillpoint into Ray of Redemption.

Summary: Everything maxed except Shine Redemption which is left at (1).
You’ll be using Spectral Light and Moonlight Spear for leveling while using your Death Scythe as an ultimate during your third job advancement.

Fourth Job Advancement

Skill List 

Reflection: [Light Skill] A powerful light wave is released to hit up to 8 enemies for 300% damage 4 times. Enemies hit reflect the wave – but the skill will do less damage. (think Chain Lightning) (max level: 30)
Morning Star[Dark Skill] A star of darkness is summoned to attack up to 8 enemies for 180% damage. The star pushes away your enemies then explodes to deal 370% damage. There is a cooldown of 5 seconds. (max level: 30)
Apocalypse: [Dark Skill] A large abyss of darkness opens and hits 8 enemies for 350% damage 7 times. (max level: 30)
Ender[Equilibrium] Instantly kill up to two enemies. If this effect does not work on the enemy – inflict 333% damage 7 times with a 100% critical chance. There is a cooldown of 12 seconds. (max level: 30)
Dark Crescendo: For 180 seconds: when you attack you’ll have an 80% chance to increase your damage by 1% up to 30 times. (max level: 30)
Arcane PitchFor a certain period of time: increase the amount of monster’s defense ignored  by 40% and the amount of monster’s elemental resistance ignored by 100%. (max level: 30)
Magic Mastery: Increase your magic mastery to 70%; magic attack by 30; and minimum critical damage by 15%. (max level: 30)
Darkness MasteryIncrease the duration time of Equilibrium’s buff by 10 seconds: the rate at which Sunfire and Eclipse states deplete is decreased. Passively increase the damage of Death Scythe by 100%. (max level: 5)
Maple Warrior: Increase the stats of all party members by 15% for 900 seconds. (max level: 30)
Hero’s Will: You are cured from the seduce state. There is a cooldown of 360 seconds. (max level: 5)

Skill Build

  1. Start with adding one skillpoint to Reflection, Apocalypse and Ender.
  2. Max out Reflection, Apocalypse and Magic Mastery simultaneously together to keep a stable balance between Light and Dark.
  3. Max out Dark Crescendo and Arcane Pitch together.
  4. Max out Darkness Mastery for a more effective Equilibrium.
  5. Max out Maple Warrior.
  6. Put the remaining skillpoints into Morning Star, Hero’s Will and the Second Job skills.

Summary: We start off with having one light spell (Reflection) and one dark spell (Apocalypse) since they will be your main attacking skills. After that we start by maxing them out in co-junction with magic mastery for the extra damage and critcal %. Same goes with Dark Crescendo and Arcane Pitch which boosts your magic damage + crtical damage even further.

We max out Morning Star as our last skill since it’s rather useless compared to the other skills when it comes to pushing.

Luminous Training Guide

Check out our training guide

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        Do you recommend one or the other with regards to dmg etc?

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