2 tips Angkor Wat clothing: Three tips on clothes for the temples of Angkor

For the right Angkor Wat clothing, there are two factors: On the one hand, the heat itself creates during the dry season in winter and on the other hand there are in the temples of Angkor and especially for entering Angkor Wat rules for clothing. For tips on the best clothes for visiting Angkor Wat, please click here.

These are the three tips for the perfect Angkor Wat clothing

Tip 1: When selecting clothes, consider the hot climate

Angkor Wat clothing heat rush
Heat and partial large crowds for Angkor Wat: Western visitors are advised with light clothing best.
Even in the dry season it has 30 ° C or more in Cambodia jual baju batik online  during the day. In the rainy season, especially the high humidity allows the temperature to rise and short and long showers are possible at any time.

Light clothing makes sense in any case. This is still the best approach to get on with the heat well.

Especially the midday sunshine and the sunshine create. A head cover is recommended for the reason and also for the neck you should as far as possible sun protection. For this purpose, e.g. The traditional light Khmer scarf, which can be purchased at the markets of Siem Reap.

Tip 2: For entering temples in Angkor, legs and upper arms should be covered

In the Angkor Archaeological Park, there are indications of what is permitted and what is not allowed at every temple. Rules apply to clothing. This has to do with religion and respect.

Basically, the inside of a temple is that the legs should be covered (no short shorts or short skirts but rather a longer trousers). Shoulders and upper arms should also be covered (no short tops for women or sleeveless shirts for men).

There are guardians on each temple. Right “clothing examination” is so far but only to Angkor Wat and there only for the top level noticed. There, the temple guards give a close look at what visitors wear.

Comment by Patrick
Nobody expects you to appear in the Sunday suit (or dress) in front of the temples. The “rules” are not very strict and have something to do with respect. That is why they should be followed in my eyes.

For the rest of the temples and all areas of Angkor Wat apart from the top level, in principle, you can wear what you want. On the information signs it is pointed out that shoulders and legs should also be covered here. The guardians look only at Angkor Wat.

Since you visit a cultural site and not a beer garden, I would nevertheless suggest that you do not wear the Changbeer Tank Top in the Archaeological Park 😉