Length dresses – Do you like it elegant or airy?

Length dresses – Do you like it elegant or airy?

If you are not looking for a pompous appearance like in the church, but rather want to spend the day more casual, the stand is well advised with a stand dress that is cut short and simple. In this casual, jual baju batik online
modern look, more and more brides show up in the local office.

But the style of the stand must be elegant and long. A meterlange train is not recommended, but also on the stairs in front of the municipal office does not look a long wedding dress out of place.

Season – summer or winter?

Wedding dress stand winter
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Classic bridal wear – also for the local authority – is of course designed for the summer.

That is why it is worth to look at a wedding in winter after special fashion and look a bit more intense.

Long sleeves, warm stoles, fur collar or elegant coats – even in winter, wedding dresses in front of the stand can make you look good.

Set highlights – What do you want to emphasize?

We look to where it is most visible.

This means: Body parts, which you want to emphasize, get an optical highlight. This can be an accessory, a gathering, a conspicuous pattern or a color swab on the stand dress.

Conversely, if you want to hide unnecessary pounds or problem zones under your wardrobe dress, do not set any accents!

Small or large front – accents correct!

A larger corsage provides support, regular dresses with longitudinal seams for optical stretching and long sleeves for a slim silhouette. No additional embroidery on the chest height, which additionally adds up.

However, embroidery, winding optics or accessories can be used to spice up a smaller range. In addition, you can trick with a push-up bra. If it is still a little more wide, then you can conjure with a subtle silicones (available for example at Amazon) a great Dekolleté.