Style of the dresses – What suits you?

Style of the dresses – What suits you?

Basically, four different styles can be distinguished.

1. The classic type is elegant, graceful, elegant. Are you always dressed up in everyday life, stylish and orderly? Then your dress uniform is best classic long, simple cut with a noble touch.

2. Sporty, casual and casual – this is the natural type. If you like it lightly and easily, this is the motto for your wardrobe. Rather simply, perhaps only up to the knee, just like you feel comfortable all day long in your wedding dress.

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3. You want to notice, always look at you? Then you are the extravagant type and you need a uniform dress to the wedding ceremony. A striking cut, eye-catching accessories, a completely unusual look is required.

4. A wedding as in a fairy tale – this is the dream of the romantic type woman. You like playful, detailed, feminine? Then you can choose a dress that is long and flowing, slightly patterned or with small refinements.

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How much do you like?

While in the church is a white dress course and guests, it may be in the municipal office also times colored.

Is your clothes otherwise strongly colored or held in soft pastel tones? Also stay baju batik pria lengan pendek in the style of your dress. Instead of a strong, hard white, perhaps a natural white is more appropriate. Cream or beige are also an option.

If you do not want to shine completely in white, an accessory on the stand dress might have a bright color. Example: A red ribbon or some pink embroidered motifs like butterflies or similar. You can also add some more color with your bridal bouquet.

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In general, all the festive evening dresses are suitable for the stand. However, it must be clear to you that you as a bride may not be different from the other guests. This does not please everyone.

If you still want to wear a blue, red or pink dress as a wedding dress, there is still the possibility to dress your guests differently. Please, for example, please show them all in white or light colors. Then you definitely stick out in color and take care of the surprise effect!