4. Suitable Tough Mudder underwear

4. Suitable Tough Mudder underwear
Let us come to a point which many people do not really care about.

What is the advantage of a running panty that dries quickly baju batik pria lengan pendek when you wear cotton underwear, for example?

Right, not much!

There are definitely more pleasant things than wet underwear!

For this reason, we recommend you wear functional underwear or alternatively a swimwear / bikini under your running panty.

With the “modern” swimming trunks you run the risk, however, that in combination with the running pants too much rub.

We advise you therefore consciously to the “Altherren-V-cut” – does not look anyway anyway 😉

Likewise, women should remember to wear a suitable sports bra – you want to keep everything under control or not? 😉

Of course, we have also selected suitable models for you here again. Just click on the relevant section.

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5. Suitable Tough Mudder running socks
For a distance of 18 kilometers you should not save on reasonable running socks.

A triathlet recommended us at the time, best to put two pairs on top of each other.

On the one hand, this would prevent bubbles, and on the other hand, the socks would dry again more quickly.

If this really brings more we can not tell you unfortunately, but badly it was by no means.

For the shirts we use the same principle, so why not?

Just try both in the training and decide for yourself what you like more.

Whether you prefer to go on short or longer running socks is more or less taste.

Compression stockings promise better circulation, but the majority of the runners resort to short running socks.

In our Mudder Shop you will find suitable running socks for women and men.

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6. Conclusion
We hope that we can give you some valuable tips and that you are now a bit smarter when it comes to selecting your Tough Mudder clothes.

If you have any questions, would like to share your experiences or see something quite different from us, please write us an e-mail!