2 tips Angkor Wat clothing: Three tips on clothes for the temples of Angkor

For the right Angkor Wat clothing, there are two factors: On the one hand, the heat itself creates during the dry season in winter and on the other hand there are in the temples of Angkor and especially for entering Angkor Wat rules for clothing. For tips on the best clothes for visiting Angkor Wat, please click here.

These are the three tips for the perfect Angkor Wat clothing

Tip 1: When selecting clothes, consider the hot climate

Angkor Wat clothing heat rush
Heat and partial large crowds for Angkor Wat: Western visitors are advised with light clothing best.
Even in the dry season it has 30 ° C or more in Cambodia jual baju batik online  during the day. In the rainy season, especially the high humidity allows the temperature to rise and short and long showers are possible at any time.

Light clothing makes sense in any case. This is still the best approach to get on with the heat well.

Especially the midday sunshine and the sunshine create. A head cover is recommended for the reason and also for the neck you should as far as possible sun protection. For this purpose, e.g. The traditional light Khmer scarf, which can be purchased at the markets of Siem Reap.

Tip 2: For entering temples in Angkor, legs and upper arms should be covered

In the Angkor Archaeological Park, there are indications of what is permitted and what is not allowed at every temple. Rules apply to clothing. This has to do with religion and respect.

Basically, the inside of a temple is that the legs should be covered (no short shorts or short skirts but rather a longer trousers). Shoulders and upper arms should also be covered (no short tops for women or sleeveless shirts for men).

There are guardians on each temple. Right “clothing examination” is so far but only to Angkor Wat and there only for the top level noticed. There, the temple guards give a close look at what visitors wear.

Comment by Patrick
Nobody expects you to appear in the Sunday suit (or dress) in front of the temples. The “rules” are not very strict and have something to do with respect. That is why they should be followed in my eyes.

For the rest of the temples and all areas of Angkor Wat apart from the top level, in principle, you can wear what you want. On the information signs it is pointed out that shoulders and legs should also be covered here. The guardians look only at Angkor Wat.

Since you visit a cultural site and not a beer garden, I would nevertheless suggest that you do not wear the Changbeer Tank Top in the Archaeological Park 😉

Length dresses – Do you like it elegant or airy?

Length dresses – Do you like it elegant or airy?

If you are not looking for a pompous appearance like in the church, but rather want to spend the day more casual, the stand is well advised with a stand dress that is cut short and simple. In this casual, jual baju batik online
modern look, more and more brides show up in the local office.

But the style of the stand must be elegant and long. A meterlange train is not recommended, but also on the stairs in front of the municipal office does not look a long wedding dress out of place.

Season – summer or winter?

Wedding dress stand winter
© Maria Sbytova – Fotolia
Classic bridal wear – also for the local authority – is of course designed for the summer.

That is why it is worth to look at a wedding in winter after special fashion and look a bit more intense.

Long sleeves, warm stoles, fur collar or elegant coats – even in winter, wedding dresses in front of the stand can make you look good.

Set highlights – What do you want to emphasize?

We look to where it is most visible.

This means: Body parts, which you want to emphasize, get an optical highlight. This can be an accessory, a gathering, a conspicuous pattern or a color swab on the stand dress.

Conversely, if you want to hide unnecessary pounds or problem zones under your wardrobe dress, do not set any accents!

Small or large front – accents correct!

A larger corsage provides support, regular dresses with longitudinal seams for optical stretching and long sleeves for a slim silhouette. No additional embroidery on the chest height, which additionally adds up.

However, embroidery, winding optics or accessories can be used to spice up a smaller range. In addition, you can trick with a push-up bra. If it is still a little more wide, then you can conjure with a subtle silicones (available for example at Amazon) a great Dekolleté.

Style of the dresses – What suits you?

Style of the dresses – What suits you?

Basically, four different styles can be distinguished.

1. The classic type is elegant, graceful, elegant. Are you always dressed up in everyday life, stylish and orderly? Then your dress uniform is best classic long, simple cut with a noble touch.

2. Sporty, casual and casual – this is the natural type. If you like it lightly and easily, this is the motto for your wardrobe. Rather simply, perhaps only up to the knee, just like you feel comfortable all day long in your wedding dress.

Dress stand
© Veracam online shop
3. You want to notice, always look at you? Then you are the extravagant type and you need a uniform dress to the wedding ceremony. A striking cut, eye-catching accessories, a completely unusual look is required.

4. A wedding as in a fairy tale – this is the dream of the romantic type woman. You like playful, detailed, feminine? Then you can choose a dress that is long and flowing, slightly patterned or with small refinements.

Uniform clothes
© Veracam online shop
How much do you like?

While in the church is a white dress course and guests, it may be in the municipal office also times colored.

Is your clothes otherwise strongly colored or held in soft pastel tones? Also stay baju batik pria lengan pendek in the style of your dress. Instead of a strong, hard white, perhaps a natural white is more appropriate. Cream or beige are also an option.

If you do not want to shine completely in white, an accessory on the stand dress might have a bright color. Example: A red ribbon or some pink embroidered motifs like butterflies or similar. You can also add some more color with your bridal bouquet.

Uniform dress
© Veracam online shop
In general, all the festive evening dresses are suitable for the stand. However, it must be clear to you that you as a bride may not be different from the other guests. This does not please everyone.

If you still want to wear a blue, red or pink dress as a wedding dress, there is still the possibility to dress your guests differently. Please, for example, please show them all in white or light colors. Then you definitely stick out in color and take care of the surprise effect!

Dresses – How to find the right one!

Dresses – How to find the right one!

Romantic ambiance, row of seats full of guests, excited maidens and a groomed bridegroom – a festive wedding ceremony in the town hall is hardly different from the classic church wedding. Therefore, the topic of the wedding dress should not be missed in this official part!

As you care about the right wedding dress in the town hall, we reveal step by step.

First, of course, the external circumstances play a role: baju batik pria lengan pendek Is your stand in a romantic old building? Can you be married in a manor house? Or is your office located in a rather simple office complex?

Imagine, you stand at the door of the respective building after the wedding ceremony.

Now we find a dress that will make you feel right there!

Women’s clothing Classic wedding dresses in church

Wedding dresses
© MNStudio – Fotolia
In the long white dress standing before the official? Why not? More and more classical wedding dresses are also to be seen in the town hall, especially when no church wedding is planned.

However, if you do not want to wear the classic wedding dress in the local office, you can rely on other tried and tested cuts. An elegant sheath dress, a chic trousers suit or a modern cocktail dress also match the ambience of the local office.

You will find a great selection, for example. At Vera Mont, Lafanta, Monsoon, Zalando or Amazon.

Our tip: All ladies, who are under 1.60 cm in size, find a great selection of great dresses in short sizes at Zalando.

4. Suitable Tough Mudder underwear

4. Suitable Tough Mudder underwear
Let us come to a point which many people do not really care about.

What is the advantage of a running panty that dries quickly baju batik pria lengan pendek when you wear cotton underwear, for example?

Right, not much!

There are definitely more pleasant things than wet underwear!

For this reason, we recommend you wear functional underwear or alternatively a swimwear / bikini under your running panty.

With the “modern” swimming trunks you run the risk, however, that in combination with the running pants too much rub.

We advise you therefore consciously to the “Altherren-V-cut” – does not look anyway anyway 😉

Likewise, women should remember to wear a suitable sports bra – you want to keep everything under control or not? 😉

Of course, we have also selected suitable models for you here again. Just click on the relevant section.

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5. Suitable Tough Mudder running socks
For a distance of 18 kilometers you should not save on reasonable running socks.

A triathlet recommended us at the time, best to put two pairs on top of each other.

On the one hand, this would prevent bubbles, and on the other hand, the socks would dry again more quickly.

If this really brings more we can not tell you unfortunately, but badly it was by no means.

For the shirts we use the same principle, so why not?

Just try both in the training and decide for yourself what you like more.

Whether you prefer to go on short or longer running socks is more or less taste.

Compression stockings promise better circulation, but the majority of the runners resort to short running socks.

In our Mudder Shop you will find suitable running socks for women and men.

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6. Conclusion
We hope that we can give you some valuable tips and that you are now a bit smarter when it comes to selecting your Tough Mudder clothes.

If you have any questions, would like to share your experiences or see something quite different from us, please write us an e-mail!

Yang harus di 2017 !!Gaya yang paling oke

Yang harus di 2017 !!
dari Minuscha

Hei, baik yang Anda berada di sini!

Berikut adalah melihat (Trend 2017), yang merupakan suatu keharusan:

Kemeja lengan panjang, di mana lubang di bahu sehingga bahu ikut bermain – benar-benar dalam!

Mereka menyediakan angin menyegarkan ketika itu terlalu panas, pilihan yang sempurna dalam transisi antara musim dingin dan musim semi, memberikan variasi dalam pakaian dan generel penonton a.

Tip: Anda juga dapat dengan mudah ke dalam kemeja dari Anda bersih dipotong lubang, tapi ada sering pinggiran sedap dipandang dan rincian yang tidak diinginkan lainnya yang benar-benar tidak harus membayar … Jadi bukan hanya untuk toko (tua!). Ada juga pilihan dalam pola terbaru.

Saya harap Anda bisa memberikan variasi dalam penampilan Anda. Kebetulan, di majalah TopModel Anda juga akan menemukan tips dan trik – saya sangat merekomendasikannya !!

Gaya Terkini anak tahun 2017

Semi Tren 2017
oleh agen model

Hey – na?

Anda ingin tahu apa yang saat ini dalam sesi baru?

Kami akan memberitahu kepada Anda …



Terutama populer saat PINK!

Tetapi banyak warna-warna cerah lainnya, termasuk warna neon, saat bermain!

Jadi, apakah merah muda, kuning, oranye, merah terang atau atau atau … sesi berikutnya adalah warna-warni dalam hal apapun!

Masih sulit-on-penampilan saat ini – di atas semua, para pelaut terlihat cocok selalu banyak hal.

Mungkin Anda sudah melihat kaos dengan ucapan-ucapan keren? – Terutama mereka saat ini benar-benar di!

Pola hewan, pola bunga dan Caromuster dan pastel warna juga banyak digunakan.

Sekarang Anda punya sekilas dan untuk sempurna informasi tentang sesi yang akan datang.

Bersenang-senang menggabungkan!

Agen model

Tips Fashion – Jaket bomber – suatu keharusan!

Jaket bomber – suatu keharusan!
katharina muller

Jaket bomber menggabungkan yang terbaik? …

Pertama-tama, jika Anda hanya begitu menarik jaket bomber, tanpa memperhatikan tampilan, terlihat tidak baik.

Bagaimana untuk menggabungkan jaket bomber hijau?

– Kurus Jeans (jeans Ripped atau denim digunakan selalu terlihat baik.)

– Putih T-Shirt

– rantai dingin

Bagaimana untuk menggabungkan merah / jaket bomber merah muda?

kemeja -Black / sweater

-putih / celana abu

Bagaimana untuk menggabungkan hitam / jaket bomber biru tua?

– skinny jeans … putih atau merah muda

-grauer turtleneck / sweater

Terima kasih untuk membaca dan selamat tinggal.

Kombinasi warna untuk musim gugur tips fashion

Kombinasi warna untuk musim gugur
dari Namika

halo saya akan memberikan beberapa tips styling beberapa untuk musim gugur Anda hari ini:

Pakaian: bukan kombinasi warna biru – penggunaan merah berjalan dengan baik untuk musim gugur – dan hoodie atau bahkan biru – merah (yang merupakan masalah selera)
Sepatu: Terlampir untuk yang terbaik sepatu coklat dengan bulu di sisi untuk perhiasan, dan tentu saja pemanasan bulu dalam.
Syal: dalam colorway yang merupakan masalah selera saya ambil sangat senang biru dia tahu harus berhenti cocok dengan pakaian yang tersisa!

Saya harap Anda menyukainya dan tips saya akan membantu Anda schreibts lebih lanjut dalam komentar apakah miliknya fandet baik atau buruk: -)

Tips Pakaian untuk Tahun Baru

pakaian Malam Tahun Baru
dari thexx

Setiap tahun saya menantikan seperti gila pada malam tahun baru. di pikiran hanya kembang api berwarna-warni, teman-teman di pakaian mewah dan makanan yang baik saya mendapatkan sangat hippelig. Oleh karena itu, saya selalu mulai pada bulan Oktober untuk merencanakan pesta dan bertanya-tanya bagaimana pakaian saya akan terlihat.

tapi seperti yang saya selalu begitu banyak ide-ide apa yang bisa saya pakai, tapi hanya bisa memakai pakaian yang, saya akan berbagi favorit pakaian mutlak saya untuk malam tahun baru dengan Anda:

1. pakaian

– shirt berkilauan (misalnya, perak)

– pluralitas rantai baik di / dari berbagai / n panjang / Bahan

– rok kulit hitam

– hitam 20 sampai 40 celana ketat DEN

– berkilauan Pompa (dalam pencocokan warna untuk kemeja) dengan, tumit yang lebar kecil

2. pakaian

– gaun beludru dengan nada gelap

– panjang kalung mutiara, mengikat dua kali di sekitar leher

– hitam 20 sampai 40 celana ketat DEN

– sepatu kain perca Chelsea- / shank terbuat dari bahan yang berbeda

3. pakaian

– berkilauan blouse (misalnya antrasit)

– celana wortel hitam

– sepatu bertabur

4. outfit

– berkilauan kemeja Oversized

– longgar, Samtshorts hitam

– hitam 20 sampai 40 celana ketat DEN

– berkilauan Pompa (dalam pencocokan warna pada bagian atas) dengan, tumit yang lebar kecil

5. pakaian

– Dark-diadakan, berkilau, kemeja longgar

– hitam, tinggi berpinggang Momjeans dengan berkilauan bordir (pencocokan baju)

– suede hitam pompa dengan, tumit yang lebar kecil

Tapi jangan lupa:

– Sepatu harus nyaman dan rusak, sehingga Anda dapat berada di kaki Anda sepanjang malam tanpa Anda menyakiti kaki Anda.

– Sebuah mantel hangat adalah alfa dan omega, bahwa Anda mungkin heran untuk membekukan kembang api di malam yang dingin tanpa.

Dan akhirnya, saya berharap Anda bahagia dan di atas semua perayaan yang indah!