• endgame guild wars 2
    End-game in Guild Wars 2
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    You’ve finally reached level 80 of all these years .. what do you do now? Overview End your personal story to learn more about Tyria and journeys of the three factions. You will gain many friendships, experience and money. Just follow the green marker on the map. If not, why not finish every dungeon (story-mode) […]

  • golluxguide
    MapleStory Gollux Guide
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    Quick and dirty Gollux Gollux can be completed by destroying both of its shoulders and the abdomen, and finally the head. You can enter into Gollux as many times of keys you have. However, the guardian only gives you 3 keys a day. So on a day when you’re unable to run Gollux, you may […]

  • maplestory training guide
    Maplestory Training Guide 1-250 Unleashed
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    Welcome to our MapleStory training guide! This guide will always be a “work in progress” due to MapleStory updating as well as adding new areas all the time. Current major patch is Unleashed. [youtube id="bQ3O04B3eW4" width="633" height="356"] List is sorted through the ratings: the best areas being up top for that particular level-range. Levels 10-29 […]

  • Guild Wars 2 World vs. World
    World vs. World-series
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    Welcome to our World vs. World series! In Guild Wars 2, World vs. World (known as WvW simply) is a major part of the game and it’s used to please people who feels PvE/PvP has become a bit dull (or perhaps just want a break from it!) Surprisingly, despite the concept being simple it’s incredibly […]